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Sofa 'Hygge'

Design inspired by Finn Juhl
To bring some Nordic spirit to your home, nothing better than our 2-seater Hygge sofa in wood and cashmere, that is aesthetic, comfortable and practical. Beautifully inspired by the Danish Finn Juhl's Poet sofa, Hygge presents fluid and organic lines that will fit with elegance and softness into your interior. Thanks to its padded and slightly inclined wraparound seat, you will be so well installed that you will not be able to do without it!
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  • Scandinavian modern design of the 40s
  • Designed for 2 people
  • Cashmere coating
  • Available in black or dark grey
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  • 2 years guarantee

Hygge sofa: an organic Danish design, aesthetic and practical

Want a cocooning interior to Danish? And if you started by equipping your living room with a bench worthy of the name? With its curved and feminine lines, its natural noble materials and its incredible comfort, our little Hygge sofa will seduce you from the first glance, as well as all lovers of Nordic style! Borrowing its unique organic form from the iconic Poet sofa by designer Finn Juhl, it is a high quality wooden replica that will bring a touch of cozy and refined to your interior. You'll appreciate its soft, padded, high-density foam seat, soft cashmere and soft touch, and its high, slightly sloping backrest, perfect for keeping the upper body in good shape and preventing it from slumping down. the duration. Comfortably seated against the impressive armrests of the sofa, you can relax, drink tea or read in peace. Designed to accommodate two people, the Hygge sofa will have no trouble sliding its small dimensions in a corner of your living room. Offered in black or dark gray, it will adapt very easily to all types of decorations it warms its elegant and welcoming silhouette.

A few words about Finn Juhl and his sofa Poet.

Considered one of the fathers of Scandinavian modernism, Denmark's Finn Juhl designed his Poet sofa (also known as "The Poeten") in 1941 to build his own Copenhagen home. Inspired by the curvaceous and feminine lines of abstract art, it gives its sofa a curvaceous and refined silhouette, almost closer to the work of art than the piece of utility furniture. Designed in wood and cashmere, the Poet sofa perfectly reflects the designer's "trademark": attachment to organic forms and noble materials, using dark rather than clear wood (unlike most designers of his day), promoting the Danish style, ... Amongst the first upholstered furniture of Finn Juhl, it is one of his most famous and most popular creations, among which we can count the Pelican chair (1940), the chair 44 or "Bone" Flesh "(1944) and the Chieftain armchair (1949).

Product details

  • SKU : 7FBU144-6-1-1
  • Model : 7FBU144
  • Designers : Finn Juhl
  • Family : 2 seater sofas
  • Material : Cashmere / Wool
  • Width : 137 cm
  • Height : 87 cm
  • Depth : 79 cm
  • Seating height : N/A cm


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    • "Pure Poetry. for the The housew-Poets"

      Nice Quality


      "Pure Poetry. for the The housew-Poets"

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      Nice Quality


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