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Stool 'Galva' - H 45cm

Design inspired by Xavier Pauchard

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With its simple and unpretentious industrial style, the Galva bar stool (H 45 cm) made of stainless steel has all of a big one. Inspired by the legendary Tolix chairs and stools, true jewels of the "made in France" design, it is a piece that is both strong and stable, light and stackable, colourful and comfortable, in short, essential!
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  • Modernist and industrial design of the 30s
  • Strong, lightweight and stackable metal structure
  • Ultra polyvalent bar stool
  • Range of 9 different colours
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  • Free early cancellation
  • High quality handcrafted furniture
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Galva bar stool, a classic design made in France

Simple, authentic and functional , the emblematic stool of the Tolix brand and Xavier Pauchard's creations unveiled in the interior as our bar stool Galva (H 45cm). Made of painted stainless steel with a very stable base, you will appreciate its sturdiness and resistance to shocks, its ideal height for a bar counter or a snack table, as well as its quadruple footrest well thought out. Installed in your kitchen or in a corner of your living room, the bar stool Galva easily find its place, easily granting its industrial style and timeless to the rest of your furniture. Thanks to its light and stackable structure, you can even move it according to your needs by the handle built into the seat, and store it without any risk of being cluttered. Ideal for small areas where space needs to be streamlined! The icing on the cake, our ilfurn version of the Tolix bar stool is available in a multitude of classic or more tonal colors: do not hesitate to combine several, to bring a personalized factory spirit to your decor, and to offer your guests retro seats full of originality.

A few words about Xavier Pauchard and his bar stool Tolix.

The Tolix bar stool is a variation of the iconic A chair, first published in 1934 by the French boilermaker Xavier Pauchard. The origin of their design, a real innovation: while he wants to design a simple but quality seat that meets all the needs of everyday life and can be used everywhere, Xavier Pauchard has the idea of ​​engineering to dive from sheet metal in a bath of molten zinc to protect it from corrosion. This technique of galvanizing the metal is at the origin of the creation of chair A, the first piece manufactured using this revolutionary process. Light and sturdy, stable, stackable and waterproof, the one called "the two-horse design" is a great success. Chosen to furnish the bridge of the liner Normandy in 1935, it becomes almost a national emblem, equipping a multitude of public or private French spaces: bistros, cafe terraces, canteens, hospitals, parks, ... A popularity that is not has never been belied since and has allowed it not only to integrate the largest international museums, but also to be divided into a multitude of pieces of furniture: armchairs and stools - including the bar stool, benches, tables and pedestal tables. The brand Tolix, filed by X. Pauchard in 1927 and remained in the family business until 2004, owes all its fame.

Product details

  • SKU : 8XPA153-14-1-1
  • Model : 8XPA153
  • Designers : Xavier Pauchard
  • Family : Stools
  • Material : Metal
  • Width : 39 cm
  • Height : 45.5 cm
  • Depth : 39 cm
  • Seating height : 45.5 cm


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