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Lamp 'Nuda'

Design inspired by A and P Castiglioni

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With its sleek industrial style, Nuda is a small lamp that puts the light bulb in all its simplicity and splendor! Reduced to its own components (glass, aluminum), without artifice or superfluity, it presents so much elegance and character related to the quality of its materials and the care of the detail brought to its conception. Offering a diffuse and pleasant ambient light, it will easily find its place in your interior, all in discretion and softness.
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  • Modernist and minimalist design of the 60s
  • Lamp with integrated switch and cable winder
  • Light soft and equal, not dazzling
  • Available in 5 colours
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  • High quality handcrafted furniture
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Nuda lamp, a "minimized" form in favour of its functionality

Adepts of a minimalist design and the famous "Less is more" by the architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, the Nuda lamp is made for you! Simple and stripped in the image of the Lampadina of Achille Castiglioni from which it is inspired, this little lamp could almost be summed up in its big bulb-globe completely stripped: constituting the central element of the luminaire, it is set to honour all its splendor! Partially sanded to reduce reverberation, it is supported by a socket with integrated switch simply attached to an aluminum base. Original and clever, this circular base evoking the old film reels allows you to wrap the entire electrical cable of the lamp when you do not use it, and to hide the excess once the luminaire is connected. Reduced to the bare essentials, Nuda is not devoid of allure: you will appreciate its curved and harmonious lines, the playful form of its base and the possibility to adapt the colour of its case to your tastes and your interior. With its soft and multidirectional light, this small lamp will provide ideal mood lighting, perfect for a bedroom, an office or as an extra light in the living room or dining room.

A few words about Achille Castiglioni and his Lampadina lamp.

Founded in 1972 by Achille Castiglioni for the inauguration of the Flos manufacturer's luminaire showroom in Turin, the Lampadina table lamp is defined by its elementary simplicity, imbued with a playful touch: an oversized light bulb clearly bearing the name of what it is ("lampadina" meaning "bulb" in Italian), screwed to a coloured socket itself attached to a base reminding us of old film reels. Designed by one of the most prolific and famous designers of the modernist Italian trend, the Lampadina reflects the importance granted by Achille Castiglioni to the minimalist forms and the functional aspect of his creations, far ahead of their aesthetics. A perfect combination of functionality, technicality and humour!

Product details

  • SKU : 6APC109-2-1-1
  • Model : 6APC109
  • Designers : A and P Castiglioni
  • Family : Table Lamps
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Size : N/A
  • Width : 12 cm
  • Height : 24 cm
  • Depth : 12 cm


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